BIONATIS | French manufacturer | Organic part-baked bread and snacks

BIONATIS | French manufacturer | Organic part-baked bread and snacks

Origins and know-how

We have chosen to use the most exacting proofing method to make our bread: fermentation using liquid sourdough.
Jean Marc Ambroisy Jean-Marc Ambroisy Baker and co-founder of Bionatis
Jean-Marc Ambroisy
A family-owned company

BIONATIS is located in the Monts du Lyonnais region, which is renowned for its French gastronomy. The company was founded in 2002 by Jean-Marc AMBROISY, from a family of three generations of artisan bakers, and Thierry DELBOSCO, well-known for his experience in the food industry for over 20 years.

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International know-how

Nous livrons dans le monde entier
Bionatis and Novepan - Grain d'Or Gel, Lubrano: the expertise of companies with a history in the baking world regarding out-of-home catering, supermarkets and specialist stores.
A know-how and reputation that have been recognised for more than 80 years in France and across Europe.

We have been inventing customised products according to your specifications for over 80 years.

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Our 5 production sites are located exclusively in France, scattered around the country

Sites de fabrication en France
Selecting our raw materials & processes

Selecting our raw materials & processes

  • Flour from mills located close to our production sites
  • A range of premium loaves with leaven prepared freshly every day by our teams, part-baked in a stone bake oven after a long fermentation period
  • An ORGANIC range

Product ranges to answer all needs

Product ranges to answer all needs

  • Bespoke recipes to suit the needs and constraints of our clients
  • Customised flow pack packaging
  • A bag and ingredients label for a “turnkey” sales concept
  • Unbaked, pre-proofed and part-baked products according to requirements

We want to be your partner

We work with the leading names in retail and chains of pizza restaurants.

We work to understand the goal of your brand or company, to participate in your catering project and provide your product ranges. We can provide innovative and customised solutions in line with your specifications, working together to design your signature product. Our Research and Development team is at your service to work with you on your projects. We strive to put forward proposals while listening to your ideas.

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